Gaël Blanchemain

Gaël Blanchemain

JavaScript Explorer. | Meteor JS Alchemist. | Blockchain Tinkerer.| Let's build something that stands out.

66-25 103rd St - Apt 5A, Forest Hills, NY, 11375

Gaël Blanchemain

JavaScript Explorer. Meteor JS Alchemist. Blockchain Tinkerer.


Meteor JS
Blockchain Development
Mindfulness Meditation

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1- JavaScript Explorer

2- Meteor JS Alchemist

3- Blockchain obsessed

I turn good ideas into profitable ones by simplifying them.

With a technical mindset and a creative drive, I enjoy fueling the bottom line of start up companies by optimizing their code.

And in general, I like to solve problems:

In 2006, the indexation of traditional Tibetan texts was a large pain, so I co-managed the creation of a Web App that solved the issue (I was a Buddhist Monk at that time).

In 2008, I restarted my career from scratch as an Inside Sales Rep in a Mobile Apps Dev Shop. After spending weeks analyzing the unspoken needs of my corporate customers, I convinced the team to drop 95% of its offer and focus on mHealth only, which resulted in the biggest sales the company had ever made.

Now a web application developer (JavaScript, Meteor JS, HTML, CSS3), I want to be fully involved in a start-up company.

Fluent in English, French and interpreter in Tibetan language. I’m a cool-headed enthusiast who believes that the best ideas are grown collectively, on the basis of friendship and passion.


Lines of code

In IT Sales


Hours Practicing Meditation

What I can do for you

And how it will help your business.

JavaScript Explorer

JavaScript is at the core of the web's most exciting and vibrant projects. I decided to harness its power and I'm glad to share it with you.

Meteor JS Alchemist

I support accelerated development processes with a framework that delivers very fast: Meteor JS.

European Bridge

It's easy to close the gap between the US and Europe.

As long as you're familiar with both cultures.

Since I grew up in France, I know how to communicate with teams from the old continent.

Blockchain tinkerer

I followed the Bitcoin revolution and I have started writing my first smart-contracts. Within a couple of months I'll be ready to help your business creating its first decentralized apps.

Team Pacifier

Tech crews are made of humans, too, and problems are solved faster if you factor that in.

I practice Yoga and Meditation to be comfortable with rough rides, and I try to be an agent of balance in any team.


Words Builder

Ideas should be refined until they can ship anywhere and still get the click. That skill requires training, though.

Check my writer's playground, where I talk about Urban Buddhism: gr0wing (15 000 monthly visitors)


My jobs and education.


Web Development Intern

Developing an Agile productivity SaaS:

  • JavaScript
  • Meteor JS
  • CSS
Currently in position.


2016 - Now

Sales Director

Kick started the company:

  • marketing strategy
  • hiring
  • sales
Currently in position.

Lp digital USA, Inc.

2015 - Now

Business Development Manager

  • Over $280K sales for Mobile apps development projects.
  • Revamped Mobile Distillery’s marketing strategy for a 80% hit-ratio improvement.
  • Assessed the needs of 300+ companies and educated key accounts on Mobile Distillery's products and services.
  • Won 40% of Mobile-D Group’s abroad: US, Germany, Finland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UK, Romania, France.

Mobile D Group

2008 - 2014

Project Manager

  • Co-managed development of a documentation search engine: organized outsourced workforce, meetings, and monthly progress assessments.
  • Served as a liaison between executives and IT system administrators for a successful communication and goal definition.
  • Managed the deployment, training and use of an international groupware (Mimerdesk).


1999 - 2008


Web Development Immersive

Web App Development Bootcamp. Focus on Ruby, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS.

General Assembly

2014 - 2015

Literary English

Unversity graduate in English Literature and American civilization.

Université de Lettres

1995 - 1997

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Drop me a line or more, and let's build something that stands out together.